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Daily Prompt: Secret Admirer

Long day at a work,
Software problems; IT MIA.
Driving home, of course, a rush hour delay!
What is this?!
Are you kidding; my gas tank is on ?!
God, get me to the next exit please!
Finally home at a quarter of six.
Thank God, I can’t wait to just veg for a bit!
I open the door, and with great jubilee, my roommate says “on the table awaits a bouquet of flowers… or three!”
I understood just what she meant by “or three,” because there had to have been 50 purple roses just for me. “Who sent them?” I asked her.
She would not say.
Just a smirk with a glittering dance in her eye.
I looked for a card, but there was none to be found.
So I just smiled and sighed while I drank in the aroma of these purple presents.
Was it a Secret Admirer or an RAK?
Whatever the case, I will not let this good deed go unnoticed.
I will pay it forward just as soon as this heavenly scent goes away…


So Long Queen…

Daily prompt: Name’s the Thing

Meet Queen, an Acura Integra LS, which transported me from Lancaster to Springfield and everywhere in between for 13 faithful years. Queen has accompanied me to weddings, baby arrivals, graduation parties, and unfortunately many funerals over the years. We travelled at some triple digit speeds in her early years, and replacement many body parts in her later years.
With Queen, I had a roadway identity. As one of the only white Integras in my town, every knew me as they passed by. While others were trading in their vehicles for newer models, Old Queen’s engine remained steadfast. In some ways, the familiarity was an invasion of privacy, but I didn’t mind. I miss those days of everyone knowing my car. With Piper and her privacy windows, I have to roll down my window and shout for the attention of friends and family!
Queen was a part of my journey for longer than most people keep their dogs. Therefore, I feel no shame in personifying her, and paying a tribute to her on the blogosphere. After 10 long months, Queen has finally laid to rest in my heart, and I’m actually referring to Piper when I say, “my car!”

reNewing Bucket List

While sipping on the nectar of Heaven – my Decaf Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte- driving home one evening, I listened to a radio sermon on prayer. He provided me with new insight on why God may delay on answering our prayers. He argued that we may not be receiving from God, because we’re not doing what He’s called us to do in that area. You have legitimate excuses why you’re procrastinating on acting out in faith – believing that He will provide, but that refusal could be what’s keeping you from receiving the blessing.
This new insight challenged me to think about what I’ve been prevailing in prayer about. What area could God be calling me to obey that I’ve been delaying? Marriage. I want a husband. And not just ANY husband a Jesus-loving, bible-thumping, ambitious, good-looking, mama’s boy – to name a few. But what have I to offer the one who meets this highly selective profile? Am I that Proverbs 31 woman that Mr. Right is looking for? Am I the Proverbs 31 woman that GOD wants me to be?
I hit the book to begin my research on what such a woman would look like. I outlined the chapter, mapping out my 365 day journey. I wrote my bucket list. Hey, a single girl living a life of diligence not only needs a plan, but needs to have some fun too!
Here are a few items on my Bucket List Manifesto as it applies to my Proverbs 31 journey.
•Run the Disney Marathon. Not only do I participate in races to fundraise for Team Hope , but I’m obsessed with everything Disney. I would love to combine these two passions by running the Disney Marathon – hopefully in 2016.
•Write a devotional. Part if the reason why I chose to focus this year on one small chapter in the bible, is because I intend to use it as a springboard for writing a book. Perhaps an ebook/devotional blog will evolve.
• Join my church Worship Band. The more that I study diligence, the more driven I am to sharpen my keyboard skills so that I can play in church. Music has been my passion since I was a young girl. I want to continue to use that gift, and find different ways to use it.
•Visit all 50 States, including a Pacific Highway road trip, an Alaskan cruise, and an east-to-west coast road trip.
•Read every work of Shakespeare and CS Lewis

As I continue to make a conscious effort to cook healthy meals, I remind myself that this single girl deserves home-cooked meals just as much as any married girl. As I clean my dishes, I’m thankful that I’m learning that I’m valuable enough to eat from dinner ware instead of paper plates.
Follow my journey my using the tagline Proverbs31. I will try to post my reflections and bucket list completions (tagline BucketList) as often as possible.
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