Good Grief 

After quite the busy summer, I realize that I fell off the blogger sphere. Maybe I will share some of my stories when I continue my Proverbs 31 journey. For now, I must take a step back, and bare my soul on the process of grief.

Once my life started to settle down a bit, the relationship loss hit me like a vengeance all over again.  What is wrong with me?! It’s been well over a year! Heck, it ended just as quickly as it began!  Why am I so distraught over this… still?! Luckily I have a wonderful counselor who can help me make sense of all this. Her answer? There is no rhyme or reason to grief. We just need to experience the changing emotions, and go through them. Yikes!  It can sometimes be paralyzing, but that’s normal.  It has no standard pattern for completion, other than the result of finally moving on – whenever that is.

The stages of grief are categorized as follows: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.  The way that someone moves through these stages, varies on the individual. Some might go straight to acceptance.  Others may cycle around the block a few times, and take an extended water break at one stage before continuing their journey. The important thing to know though, is that everyone has their own journey.  


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