Renee Goes To the Ball

For years, I dreamed of going to the ball.  I imagined my hair, long and sleek. My professionally done face and nails.  My Cinderella gown, baby blue and shimmering in the moonlight.  Most of all my prince – the person who loved me more than anyone else, to treat me like a princess. The ball would be the beginning of our happily ever after.  

Well, two weeks ago, my dream came true – in a way I never would have imagined. I was given tickets to a benefit dinner (with entertainment and dancing) at Playhouse Square.  The event was a black tie affair, and I needed a guest if I wanted to secure my spot.  Well, having been dateless for almost 20 years, I got very discouraged. It was important that I attend this event. Not only was it a dream come true, but I knew one of the artists on the restoration project.  I HAD to go to this event!

With a new found determination, I thought of the most important people in my life. Who would I want to bless the most with this once in a lifetime opportunity?  One person came to mind over everyone else – mom.  

Mom. One of only 2 humans who love me unconditionally.  One of 2 humans that I love unconditionally.  I got to dress up to the nines without worrying if I did enough. She could dress to the nines without worrying that she wouldn’t impress her date.  I could eat my dinner without worrying if I had leftover food particles in unattractive places.  I didn’t have to work about having 2 left feet.  I just got to enjoy being me – no pretense. And most of all I got to go to this ball with my mom.


One thought on “Renee Goes To the Ball

  1. I love this blog. You are very encouraging wonderful woman. You have a great mom, who is also your friend. She loves you so very much. And I am so glad you asked her to go with you. I know you both had fun and I remember the stories your mom told me about your night.
    Just remember that you are a beautiful child of God. And you are perfect in His eyes. He is the only one that matters and He loves you just the way you are. Your life is a testimony that will help many other women out there.
    Love and Blessings,

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