Every number has a name. Every name has a story. Every story matters to God

Every number has a name.
56,405,766+ names belong to children that were only given names by their Creator – God. Their brief lives ended shortly after they were conceived. Only 2 people know the reason behind this decision: God, and 56,405,766+ names belonging to their mothers.

Every name has a story.
56,405,766+ women have a story. Now before a Pro Choice hater corrects me with stats on woman who have multiple abortions, I’m pretty sure that there have been 56,405,766+ women who faced unplanned pregnancies. Each of them have a story. All have a story behind a relationship that resulted in said pregnancy. Many have a story behind why they chose death for their child (this is the blunt reality), Many chose life. For those who chose life, there are stories of women who chose adoption for their unexpected child, and many who chose to raise their unexpected child. One thing that I know to be true. Unless you’re one of those 56,405,766+ women, you have no idea what races through their head when they face this unexpected news. You can say “well I would have…”. The fact remains, it was not a choice that you had to make. Such phrases may proclaim personal conviction (one that I also hold to), but please be careful…

Every name, and every story matters to God.
On this anniversary of the decision for Roe Vs Wade, my heart breaks for the 56,405,766+ abortions performed in this country since the court’s decision 42 years ago. But more than that, my heart breaks for the 56,405,766+ women whose stories are demonized by the criticism of opinionated, bigoted people who would’ve done things differently. There is a deeper story going on in the hearts of these 56,405,766+ women, stories that they may not even know yet. Stories that can only be written by God Himself. I just pray that these stories have an eternally happy ending, because these women matter to God. All 56,405,766+.


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