Daily Prompt: Secret Admirer

Long day at a work,
Software problems; IT MIA.
Driving home, of course, a rush hour delay!
What is this?!
Are you kidding; my gas tank is on ?!
God, get me to the next exit please!
Finally home at a quarter of six.
Thank God, I can’t wait to just veg for a bit!
I open the door, and with great jubilee, my roommate says “on the table awaits a bouquet of flowers… or three!”
I understood just what she meant by “or three,” because there had to have been 50 purple roses just for me. “Who sent them?” I asked her.
She would not say.
Just a smirk with a glittering dance in her eye.
I looked for a card, but there was none to be found.
So I just smiled and sighed while I drank in the aroma of these purple presents.
Was it a Secret Admirer or an RAK?
Whatever the case, I will not let this good deed go unnoticed.
I will pay it forward just as soon as this heavenly scent goes away…


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