So Long Queen…

Daily prompt: Name’s the Thing

Meet Queen, an Acura Integra LS, which transported me from Lancaster to Springfield and everywhere in between for 13 faithful years. Queen has accompanied me to weddings, baby arrivals, graduation parties, and unfortunately many funerals over the years. We travelled at some triple digit speeds in her early years, and replacement many body parts in her later years.
With Queen, I had a roadway identity. As one of the only white Integras in my town, every knew me as they passed by. While others were trading in their vehicles for newer models, Old Queen’s engine remained steadfast. In some ways, the familiarity was an invasion of privacy, but I didn’t mind. I miss those days of everyone knowing my car. With Piper and her privacy windows, I have to roll down my window and shout for the attention of friends and family!
Queen was a part of my journey for longer than most people keep their dogs. Therefore, I feel no shame in personifying her, and paying a tribute to her on the blogosphere. After 10 long months, Queen has finally laid to rest in my heart, and I’m actually referring to Piper when I say, “my car!”


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