Running the Race

Race training can be both exhilarating and boring. When I get bored with an activity, I often take a day off. Then another day. And another…
Today was one of those boring days. Work required an extra amount of decisive focus since things were moving at a snail’s pace. My brain was so fried due to the lack of stimulation, that I just wanted to sleep the evening away.
Then I looked at my bucket list, and right there at the top in big bold letters “RUN A MARATHON.” So I pulled out my reNew journal, and leafed through the ink-stained pages until I found my training schedule for the evening. I hit the pavement.
With each mile that I tread, I remember training for my first half-marathon. I walked much more than I ran – and at a faster pace. In, fact I would get so discouraged when I would read my tracking devise to discover that my running was terrible. The improvement came when I stopped thinking about my pace and panting, and focused my thoughts on my purpose for running. Sutida. Apiwat. Sophen. Children who gave hope. Children who will not be exposed to human trafficking. The children of Asia’s Hope. With every mile I run and dollar I raise, I am able to play a role in providing shelter for children like Sutida, Apiwat, and Sophen. When I persevered through my Monday morning long runs for the intent of rescuing children, my pace and endurance improved. Not only did I reap the benefits of better performance, but I also got to enjoy my journey walk with The Lord. I tune in to His station much more acutely when I’m surrounded by his artwork that he so graciously shares with me. Whether I’m running through downtown Wooster, greeting passers by, or trail running through the woods, I am awestruck by His creativity in my daily life.
As I train for my first full marathon, I am excited for new memories and lessons to learn throughout the journey.

Memoir Madness


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