Life Line

What is your source of strength, your passion? What is the one thing you cannot live without? What is it that makes you thrive in life? Is it bringing the satisfaction that you thought it would provide? Is it merely an addiction that is suffocating every other area if your life?
Since Preschool, music has been my life. I sang for anyone who would listen (sometimes against their will). I auditioned for every solo in every Children’s Choir performance – and scored. As a second grader, singing wasn’t enough. I needed to play the piano too. So after a year of Mary Had a Little Lamb, my parents let me take piano lessons. I went from Hot Cross Buns to sight-reading classical pieces by the time I graduated high school. I nailed my recital pieces, played in church a few times, and serenaded some beaus. As I became an adult, and met people who could play anything they could hear, I too wanted to develop an ear for playing. This is where I hit a wall. Playing by ear was quite challenging for me. I eventually got so frustrated with criticism of others throughout this process, that I gave up my piano playing indefinitely.
I still had my ability to perform vocally, and loved doing so. I performed at weddings, funerals, Christmas events, and church bands for years. I would even say that I was satisfied.
Then I took stock in my gifts that I was using for The Lord. I realized then that I was not using ALL of my gifts for Him. I had given up. It was at that point that I began playing again. At first, I was once every month or so. Then I started playing several nights a week. It became therapy for my melancholy. I started sight-reading, then gradually began playing by ear, which isn’t too difficult when I have chord sheets in front of me. I even got to play (and sing) at my aunt’s funeral several months ago. I feel much more content with life, knowing that I’m sharpening the tools that God has given me. I look forward to opportunities to use these tools to bless others.
I Corinthians 12 tells us that if we have surrendered our lives to Christ, we are all part of one body – the body of Christ or The Church. We each have our unique role to play. This role is partly made up by our passions and abilities. When we use the abilities that we are passionate about, our life line is thriving, so is our relationship with Christ and others. How are you going to tap into your life line today?


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