Moved to Tears

Northeast bound on OH-585 at 7:00am, winding along the countryside I soaked in the lyrics of Oceans. Contrary to the tree-lined highway of my morning commute, I was momentarily overwhelmed with the limitless call on my like to trust God. While standing where the ocean meets the shore, and staring into the horizon, there is no end in sight to the massive body of water that cleanses yet overwhelms it’s captor by its sheer force.
As I sped along, the byway, I was suddenly awestruck by the beauty of God’s love for me – a love much more powerful than and tidal wave. More secure than any ocean shore Lighthouse, beaconing the sailors to take shelter for the night. More refreshing than the cool crashing waves along the rocky beaches of Bar Harbor, Maine. How else could I respond than to cry out “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders?” No other response seems suitable.


One thought on “Moved to Tears

  1. This is one of my favorites worship songs. Thank you for sharing your experience. Sometimes the magnitude of God just overwhelms us all and we have to take it all in. When I first heard this song I played it on repeat for a week. Again thanks for sharing.

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