Finding My Writing Rhythm

Syncopation is my friend. That was the thought running through my head as I walked in my studio apartment after a long day at work (and longer World Cup semi-final match). Thinking of the Challenge that I made to be diligent with completing my bucket list – like playing keys on my church worship band someday, I sat done and played Moonlight Sonata while the phrase “syncopation is your friend” played on repeat in my head.
I remember the first time that I played Moonlight Sonata. I wanted to impress my boyfriend that I could sightread better than he could play by ear. I’m not so sure that those learning practices can be compared, but off I went to the music store to purchase the sheet music. Oh the minor melody line. How it just draws me in every time I sit down to play the tune. I don’t know if it’s the melody, the syncopation, or the fact that it’s about the moonlight that captivates me. I suppose the same can be asked with my love of Hillsong’s Oceans. Minor? Check. Rhythms that catch me? Yes. Immediate vision of a stormy oceanic scene? Checkmate! “The great unknown where feet may fail”. That is where our Heavenly Father is calling us. To go to the place where we take risks in living out His call on our lives. To rely on him for our strength with everything that is in us. Which leads me to my favorite worship song of all time. Hillsong’s With Everything. “Open our eyes to see the things that make you heart cry”. Oh to have a heart like Jesus. To rejoice at the things that make him rejoice. To weep at the things that break his heart. Nothing could be sweeter to me that to have a heart like Jesus, and to shout forth his praise! OH!!!!!!! Be glorified Jesus! May I live to make you famous with every syllable that parts my lips. May my music be a sweet sound to your ears as I worship you in Spirit and in truth!!
Bucket lists are fun to think up, and even type up. The discipline that it takes to complete bucket lists is not so much fun. For example, I would love to write a devotional book someday. In fact, much of the reason why I started this blog was to practice in small essay-style segments. The writer’s block can get unbeatable at times. Luckily the Daily Post offers Writing 101 and daily blog questions to get the mind thinking. These little exercises – like the 20 minute type anything exercise I’m completing right now – have been great tools to get my brain thinking, and my fingers moving. The grammar and punctuation police officer in me wants to stop right now, edit my work, and continue if time permits. But I will save that for Writing 201 that begins July 21. So for, I will do diligence to the exercise at hand. And write, write write until my knuckles are black and blue from typing on my iPhone. After all, I am making progress on the bucket list, and working hard at perfecting my god-given gifts life the Proverbs 31 bride of Christ that I’m working at becoming.
Proverbs 31. Oh how I would love to be the kind of woman who twists her yarn, knits her cloths, and sells them to make extra money for the family that praises her noble character. Does such a wan exist? Am I raising the bar too high for me to achieve? It does require work, yes, but nothing is possible with God! I am so thankful that he gives me the energy I need to get through my day! I am so glad that he is there to guide me. I just wish that I would tune into his station more often!
Station. Moody radio. That’s what I listen to on my work commute everyday. If you’ve never listened to In the Market with Janet Parshall, you should. Talk about getting you thinking! But you know, we should all have an answer for the things we believe, so I’m thankful for radio shows like hers that make me think. Maybe I’ll blog about one of her topics someday. I wonder if she has a blog…
But I must complete my blog…
Twenty minute typing yesterday, followed by 15 minutes of unedited type today, is really difficult for me. I cannot wait to revise these postings when I’m done.
Snooze; snooze. I’m ready for dream land. I’m hoping for fun dreams to recount in tomorrow’s writing exercise. Auto correct can only do so much for me right now. I’m trying not to even look at my screen, B/c it will distract from my 15 minute free-style.
Tomorrow is my birthday of which I am ecstatic.


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